HOST: Julie (thats me) is a fiber crafter and dabbles in stain glass work. I work in Early Childhood Education. I volunteer with kids in the foster care system as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) and volunteer at local animal rescues. Blogging allows me an opportunity to share my favorite pastime spinning, knitting and dyeing yarn!

HOST HUBBY: My husband plays drums in a band and actually does it for a living! He was also kind enough to mix the intro music. We were friends in high school and met again on Facebook 20 years later. We fell in love and got married after 3 months of dating; May 2009! People thought we were crazy ...

HOST KIDS: I have four kids.... 

2 leggers: I have a son in college..geez I feel old! He is a fabulous, wonderful and handsome kid. I'm a lucky mom that he has been such a wonderful son. I was truly blessed. He loves sports and is majoring in business management with hopes of working in sports management. 

4 leggers: I have three dogs..Sadie is a Great Dane, Meesha is a pitbull mix & Count Chocula is a pitbull. They are a lot of work and I love them to death! Meesha has Addison's disease and takes monthly shots or she will go into renal failure, Count has serious allergies and gets shots every month to manage them (he is basically allergic to outside & cats). 
my sons hiding he would die if I posted a clear photo of him .... so I refrained 

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